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RE Adopt-a-Student     

RE Adopt-a-Student

The Department of Religious Education and Evangelization at Holy Cross is dedicated to providing a high quality education where students and their families grow in faith and knowledge of the Catholic Church.

During these difficult financial times, many families are struggling to live from day to day and often postpone religious education for their children because of the annual $80 registration fee. Our goal at Holy Cross is to reach out to these families by providing scholarship opportunities so that they will register their children in religious education classes each year.

Live the Gospel and give a deserving student an opportunity to learn more about our faith by becoming an RE Adopt-a-Student benefactor today! 100% of your gift goes towards the RE registration fee to help defray the cost of textbooks, teaching resources, and supplies. Remember, your gift is 100% tax deductible.

How to Become an RE Adopt-a-Student Benefactor: For additional information, please call Roberto Navarro, Director of Religious Education at 480-981-2021 x214 or rnavarro@holycrossmesa.org

Roberto Navarro

Roberto Navarro

Director of Religious Education


480-981-2021 Ext 214

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