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Rummage Sale

Holy Cross is planning a winter rummage sale to support our Parish in these difficult times. Tenative dates are being planned for a big rummage sale in February, along with a Bazaar on Nov. 21st and 22nd  that would include a mini themed Thanksgiving and Christmas rummage sale  involving also a bake sale and raffle.  The Rummage committee is asking for your help right now with the following.  We need storage facilities to help us collect items year round. Do you have a container or know someone who has an empty storage room? Rummage can be dropped off the first and third Wednesdays every month and the second and fourth Saturdays at the storage pod located in our parking lot nearest Southern Ave. between 9:30-11:30 am and tax donation receipts are available.  Additional drop off times will be added when we have cooler weather. We cannot accept mattresses or bulky television sets. Appliances must be in working order and received by a prearranged agreement.  Do you have an item to donate for our raffle?  We are working on a  virtual rummage sale linked to our Parish website.  We are also in need of clothes hangers and boxes with handles. Are you looking to buy furniture or something gently used?  We are currently recieving wheelchairs, walkers and other aids to assist those with mobility challenges. If you or your loved one is in need of medical equipment, please contact us.  A donation for medical equipment would be appreciated but is not necessary. Additional volunteers and support for the rummage sale along with arrangements to have donation items picked up may leave a message in the Parish office or email us at Thank you for supporting Holy Cross Parish!

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