Parish Events

Well, there are tens of thousands of Catholic families across the diocese. And they are spread out among more than 100 parishes.

Families make donations in their parishes, or through the mail, and it all goes to support those important ministries and programs.


It takes a village to build this network of support and ministry. BUT because of Covid this year, things are different. Fewer people are attending Mass, and we can’t fill the pews with CDA pledge cards and pens. And that could spell trouble, because the CDA is really important and those programs …the ones for vocations, retired priests, seminarians, pro life ministries and others …rely on the millions of dollars in donations that come through the in-pew appeal each year.

Click on this link to donate today!

On behalf of Father, Bishop Olmsted and all the fine folks who work and volunteer in more than 70 programs and missions funded by the CDA – THANK YOU!!

Holy Cross donation update as of 4/10/21.

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