Holy Cross

Catholic Parish

Mesa Arizona

Legion of Mary     

Legion of Mary

Mary, our Blessed Mother is calling you and inviting men and women of our parish to answer our parish’s apostolic needs of showing Christ in our community.

“If I will make myself dependent on the Mother, it is in order to become the slave to the Son. If I aspire to become Her possession, it is in order to render more surely to God the homage of my subjection.”

St. IIdeponsus

Do you desire to reflect the holiness of your Savior, Jesus Christ and emulate Our Blessed Mother’s outpouring of love? Under the leadership of Mary Immaculate we are praying to grow as a community of believers. We welcome both new Active and Auxiliary members.

  • Active members meet weekly for 90 minutes in Wellens Hall Room F.
  • We have a group that meets Monday evenings at 6:00PM

Active members also do service work for the parish 2 hours weekly by visiting the sick, home bound and other apostolic works. Auxiliary members undertake a service of prayer in their homes in honor of the Blessed Mother as an unreserved gift to be administered according to Her intentions.

Mary, Our Mother continues to be fruitful through the ministry of those willing to help Her. Through us, our actions and works, Mary also displays Her unique gifts and reproduces Her motherhood to others.

For more information, please contact the Parish at (480)-981-2021.

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