Justice & Peace Ministry

Justice & Peace Ministry

The Justice and Peace Ministry for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants at Holy Cross helps Diocesan-approved institutions by providing humanitarian aid, and by raising awareness and advocating for policies that protect the human dignity of each person.


Call for Volunteers to Help With Humanitarian Aid Drives

The Drives are held to provide immediate needs of the Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program in Phoenix and the Kino Border Initiative Migrant Outreach Center in Nogales, Mexico. If you can commit to help receive donations at Drives three times a year when you are able to do so, for 30 minutes prior to your Mass, please send an email to Pat Stoneburner, the Justice & Peace Ministry secretary, at psstoneburner@gmail.com.


Coming This Winter Humanitarian Aid Drive for the Kino Border Initiative

The Kino Border Initiative provides hospitality, blessings, and first aid to the deported migrants and those fleeing violence who arrive at their doors daily.  Having served 20,682 meals the month before, the executive director reported in November:  We feel and witness God’s presence overflowing in the gratitude expressed by the migrants we encounter on a daily basis.  One woman we accompanied survived kidnapping and torture for years in her home country.  She was finally able to escape and arrived at our Migrant Outreach Center with her two daughters, whom she delivered while in captivity.  When you speak to her, you wouldn’t guess that she had survived these calamities.  She instead exudes a tranquil joy….  She is grateful to God for all that he has done to redeem her and her daughters.

If you wish, shop ahead for these most-needed items but, due to lack of storage space, please save at home to bring to the church only on the Drive dates:

Travel-size Toiletries, Toilet Tissue, and Diapers (all sizes)

Baby Formula, Powdered milk, Kool Aid, and Coffee

Men’s Underwear (sizes S, M, L), Socks, and T-shirts (sizes S, M)

Women’s Underwear (sizes S, M) and Socks


Thank you from Catholic Charities new Afghan Resettlement Program

The Catholic Charities-Phoenix Afghan Resettlement Program is GRATEFUL to Holy Cross Parishioners for their generosity in responding to the needs of the some 75 Afghan families that the program is assisting here in Phoenix.  Baby diapers and thousands of toiletries and hygiene products were received at the drive held in the courtyard in October with Sister Betty Banja present to answer questions about the program.  Some cash donations were provided to Catholic Charities for these refugees as well.  God will surely bless those who saw the face of Christ in these refugees and responded with these gifts of love.

Citizenship Classes in English and Spanish Every Tuesday Evening

Holy Cross parishioners and friends who want to apply for U. S. Citizenship, need help with the application, or are studying for the oral review of the application form and/or the English and Civics tests are invited to attend Citizenship Classes on Tuesdays from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM, Room 7, at Queen of Peace Catholic Church, 141 N. Macdonald, Mesa. Sister Nancy Wellmeier, SNDdeN, PhD, holds these citizenship classes continually throughout the year, except there are no classes on holidays. Sister Nancy is fluent in English and Spanish, and has taught these classes for many years with her students having a high success rate. She also assists with Citizenship Workshops at Holy Cross that are temporarily on hold.

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