About the Safe Environment Program

The Diocesan Policy and Procedure for the Protection of minors requires all clergy, employees, volunteers of ministry, and minors to attend training on an annual basis. In the Diocese of Phoenix, all adult volunteers must complete "Keeping the Promise Alive" as a foundation course for Safe Environment.

In this program Clergy, employees, and volunteers learn the myths and facts about sexual abuse and sexual offenders. They learn detailed warning signs to watch for in adults who may abuse, and how to identify children who may have been abused. Clergy, employees, and volunteers learn specific steps to take in screening, guidelines for interaction, monitoring, training and responding. To keep ministries safe, standards must be met in parishes, schools, youth events, anywhere there are children.

Requirement Process

In addition to training, everyone is required to complete a Volunteer Application, sign a Code of Ethics form, and have a Face to Face interview.

If you would like to register for one of the Holy Cross Safe Environment Foundation classes or for one of the Safe Environment Renewal Classes, please contact the parish office (480)981-2021 to register.