Grief Support

Sharing and connecting with other people mourning the loss of loved ones is one of the most effective ways to move through grief and eventually re-embrace life.

Through prayer, inspirational readings and the sharing of grief stories, participants soon realize that they are not alone on their journeys. While all journeys contain some common elements, participants discover that each grief journey is unique in terms of length of mourning and depth of sorrow.

Holy Cross supports all those who are grieving the passing of their loved ones. Support group meetings are held two times per month. During the meetings, those in attendance are invited to share their stories if they feel comfortable doing so. In addition participants will have opportunities to comprehend what is happening in the midst of their grief and to learn to accept the many changes they are experiencing. Most of all, participants will discover a community of compassion and love that will help them get through the most difficult times in their grief journeys.

Come join us on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 10:30am in Classroom D at 10:30am.

Journeying Through Grief

Mourning is Normal


Very frequently those mourning the loss of a close loved one will wonder if it is normal to feel like they are going “crazy”. The quick and simple answer is “yes, it is normal.” Mourners sometimes experience a disconnection when their loved ones die. Often it is difficult to accept the new reality that the loved one is no longer alive and a part of the mourner’s physical world. Mourners may expect to see their loved ones when they go into another room in the house. Or, they may expect to wake up and see their loved ones close by as they were before they died. Even when the telephone rings, mourners may expect to hear their loved ones’ voices when answering calls. Occasionally, mourners will experience something and then have the urge to share the experience with their loved ones, only to realize that they are not physically with them anymore. Mourners may also feel that the pain of separation will never go away. As time passes and the new reality sinks it, mourners gradually adjust to the “new normal”. Eventually, they lose the sense that they are going crazy and that their world is completely turned upside down.

Slow Down...Calm Down


It is not unusual for mourners to wonder how long their grief will last. Some mourners may question whether they have grieved long enough; other mourners may be concerned that they have grieved too long. How long should a grief journey last? There is no simple answer to this question and there is no magic number in terms of weeks, months, or years. Each grief journey is unique and different. Two family members mourning the loss of the same loved one will experience different journeys of different lengths. One may be ready to move on after just a few weeks while the other person may need more time. Even a person experiencing several losses will gradually discover that the grief journey for each loss is unique and cannot be compared with other grief journeys. Because there is no “one size fits all”, mourners should not place unrealistic expectations upon themselves to complete their journeys according to a time schedule. Instead, they can be comforted knowing that the journey will eventually come to an end.

The Journey through Grief


Living with and traveling through grief is indeed a journey, one that may be among the most challenging journeys of life. The journey through grief is the journey from darkness into light; from despair to hope; from denial to acceptance; from anger to peace; from crying to smiling; from lost to found. But, most of all, the grief journey is a journey from death to resurrection. When a loved one dies, mourners experience a type of dying. While they do not die physically, a part of them dies emotionally and spiritually. Life as they lived it will never be the same.