Movie Night: The 13th Day

May 31 6:00p Parish Activities

In a world torn apart by persecution, war, and oppression, three children in Fatima, Portugal, were chosen by God to offer an urgent message of hope to the world. Based on the memoirs of the oldest seer, Lucia Santos, and many thousands of independent eye-witness accounts, The 13th Day dramatizes the true story of three young shepherds who experienced six apparitions of Our Lady between May and Oct 1917, which culminated in the final prophesied Miracle of the Sun on Oct 13. Abducted from their homes, thrown into prison, and interrogated under the threat of death in the government's attempt to silence them, the children remained true to their story about the crucial messages from Mary of prayer, repentance, and conversion for the world.

Our Lady gave a secret to the children told in three parts, from a harrowing vision of hell, to prophetic warnings of future events including the advent and timing of the Second World War, the spread of Communism, and the attempted assassination of the Pope.

This year we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Fatima. Join us for Movie night in Wellens Hall on Wed, May 31 at 6:00pm. Bring your own beverage and a snack to share. We will watch The 13th Day. The movie is 1.5 hours long. We will have a short discussion at the end of the movie.

This movie is not rated, but was created with an adult audience in mind. It may contain violence indicative of the life and times of the saint or character portrayed. We would recommend Parental Guidance and that parents preview it before watching with children.

You can check out the Movie on using parish code BR4Z9E. Length: 85 minutes