Help Wanted: RCIA Sponsors Needed

Help Wanted

Each unbaptized adult and child on the RCIA journey needs a sponsor to support, guide and be a witness of what it means to be practicing faith as taught by the Catholic Church. RCIA sponsors do not have to be an 'expert' on Catholic theology - just a faith-filled parishioner willing to share their Catholic faith with someone that has answered God's call to join our community. Our RCIA sessions meet most Sundays in Wellens Hall at 9:30am from Aug – Apr.

Although the RCIA sessions are facilitated in English, we have several Spanish speaking parents who would be best served by having a bilingual companion on this journey.

If you hear God calling you to this beautiful ministry and are a fully initiated Catholic (Baptized, Confirmed, and actively participating in the Eucharist), PLEASE contact Cindy Benzing at 480-981-2021 Ext. 214 or