Caregiver Support Group Meetings

Jun 14 2:30p Caregivers Support Group

One issue many caregivers face is trying to help their loved ones function independently and safely in their own homes. If this is your situation, you may be wondering what else you can do to foster independence and safety. One place for some great caregiving ideas is AARP’s website which you can access at

There you will find a video featuring simple modifications that can be made to help with meal preparation, eating and getting dressed. Your loved one can’t easily open up cupboards? They have a quick solution. Your loved one finds it difficult to grasp eating utensils or a toothbrush? They offer a simple modification. Your loved one struggles with buttoning shirts? They share a nifty gadget you can make. In addition to the video, there is a section entitled Share Your Caregiving Hacks! with more ideas that have been created and tried by fellow caregivers.

Come join the discussion, share your experiences and learn from others' at our next meetings.

  • Wed, Jun 14 at 2:30pm in classrooms 1-2 at Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa. Please call 1-877-924-9355 to pre-register.
  • Thu, Jun 22 at 1:30pm in classroom J at Holy Cross Church

For questions about caregiving, contact parishioner and support group facilitator, Evelyn Sanchez, at 602-882-5197.