Magis Women Presents “Satisfying Our Restless Hearts: A Course in Happiness”

Women's Fellowship

Mondays 9:15-11:00am in Wellens Hall, Sep 23 - Nov 18 (except Columbus and Veterans Day)

Based on the book Finding True Happiness by Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D, and developed by Magis Women as an antidote to modern myths in our culture, Satisfying Our Restless Hearts: A Course in Happiness,brings a fresh approach to an important subject. Using scripture, practical application, and a generous dose of humor, the student will be invited to discover deep truths in new and different ways.

Far more than a bible study, this unique experiential journey has the potential to change the direction of the student’s life.

Questions? Contact Betsy Allard at or 480-220-1810, or Julie Martin at or 480-861-5461.

For more info and to pre-register, please visit