Lenten Parish Mission


Hiding in the Face of Christ
Spiritual Combat: Weapons and Methods

Tue, Mar 3 and Wed, Mar 4
8:30am in the Church and repeated session in the evening at 6:00pm.

Retreat Master

Fr. Cliff Ermatinger grew up in Chicago and studied classical history and philosophy at Gonzaga University; he also received a diploma from The College of Humanities in Salamanca, Spain; as well as a Ph. L. and STL from Regina Apostolorum in Rome. He has also studied spirituality at the Teresianum in Rome. He was ordained in 1997.

He works full time as Spiritual Consultant for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and helped found the Pope Leo XIII Institute. He was their first president is now on the Board of Directors as well as professor for their faculty.

He has published ten books, of which the most recent ones are:

  • Rescued from Satan – 14 people recount their journey from demonic possession to liberation
  • The Devil’s Role in the Spiritual Life in the Writings of St. John of the Cross
  • If You Knew the Gift of God: Classical Church Teaching on Grace: What it is, What it does, and How to Cooperate with it