Caregiver Support Group

Connecting with other caregivers in caregiver support group meetings is an excellent way to acquire information, ideas and tips for caregiving. In addition, support group participants feel affirmed, renewed and re-energized after sharing their stories and hearing the stories of their fellow caregivers.

Holy Cross supports all and any caregivers through the support group meetings that are held each month. During the meetings, caregivers are given opportunities to share their stories, ask questions and feel affirmed for all they are doing in their journeys as a caregiver.

  • 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2:30pm in classrooms 1-2 at Mountain Vista Medical Center which is located on the southeast corner of Crismon Road and Southern Avenue in Mesa. Please call 1-877-924-9355 to pre-register.
  • 4th Thursday of the month at 1:30pm in classroom J at Holy Cross

Upcoming Events

Caregiver Support Ministry
Nov 18 10:00am

Presentation and Organizational Meeting


Caregiver Support Group Meetings
Nov 30 1:30pm

Consider joining us for one or both of our two monthly meetings.


On the Caregiving Journey...

The New Reality of Being a Caregiver


Most caregivers do not plan to become caregivers. Instead through a series of events that affected the independence of their loved ones, they find that they have acquired the position and title of family caregiver. With accepting this new reality, many caregivers find themselves learning the job as they do the job. In an ideal world, family members would have the opportunity to learn more about caregiving and develop a plan of care before assuming the role of caregiver. It is NEVER too early to start thinking about providing care for a loved one.

Caregiver's Emergency Card


So you are a caregiver, and YOU know that you are a caregiver. However, who else knows that? What would happen if you were hospitalized for a serious situation and could not communicate? Who would be there to look after your care receiver? Who would know that someone is depending upon you?

While this may be a hypothetical situation, it can easily become reality. Your loved one could be left stranded without any caregiving support if something were to happen to you. This unfortunate situation can be avoided with a very simple solution - carry a Caregiver’s Emergency Card with you at all times to alert emergency personnel that you are a caregiver. Fashion your card for your wallet using an index card. Make sure you provide the following information: name, address, age of your care receiver; your relationship to the care receiver; phone number of another caregiver or family member; and whether or not your care receiver can be left alone. In addition, write the same information on a sheet of paper and place it on your refrigerator. Paramedics automatically check refrigerators for information. If you are caring for your loved one in your home, also place both your loved one’s medication list and yours on the refrigerator.