Caregiver Support Group

Connecting with other caregivers in caregiver support group meetings is an excellent way to acquire information, ideas and tips for caregiving. In addition, support group participants feel affirmed, renewed and re-energized after sharing their stories and hearing the stories of their fellow caregivers.

Holy Cross supports all and any caregivers through the support group meetings that are held each month. During the meetings, caregivers are given opportunities to share their stories, ask questions and feel affirmed for all they are doing in their journeys as a caregiver.

Meetings: Usually the 2nd Thursday of the month at 1:30pm in classroom J at Holy Cross

On the Caregiving Journey...

Resources for New/First-time Caregivers


Very often, caregivers start their caregiving journey without any advanced warning often because of an unexpected change in a family member’s health situation. When this happens, new/first-time caregivers may not have any idea of the various resources available to them. One excellent way to access caregiving resources is to check out the Phoenix Area Agency on Aging Caregiver Resource Zones which are located in several places in the Valley including the Mesa Public Library Red Mountain Branch at 635 N. Power Road, the Mesa Public Library Main Branch at 64 E. First Street and the Southeast Regional Library at 775 N. Greenfield Road in Gilbert. Another way to discover resources is to view the Area Agency’s Elder Resource Guide online, available here. A third way is to call the senior help line at 602-264-HELP (4357) which is the 24-hour information and assistance resource and central intake of the Area Agency on Aging. 

Caregiver Action Network (CAN)


Very few caregivers have the medical knowledge they think they may need to be an effective caregiver for their loved ones. Caregivers often ask: What do I need to know about the disease my care receiver has? How can I best assist him/her? What should I watch for in my loved one’s condition? To where can I turn if I need assistance? One resource that can assist caregivers is the Caregiver Action Network (CAN) website which contains videos on different diseases in their online caregiver video resource center. This is one place to go if you are looking for information on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, COPD and Huntington’s disease. In addition to the videos, the website contains a list of disease-specific and health-related agencies and links to their websites. The list is comprehensive including many diseases and health situations that caregivers may encounter with their care receivers. To access these resources go to their website at Click on “Caregiver Videos” and “Agencies and Organizations” which are located on the left side of the home website page.