Journeying through Grief

07-01-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

Grief occurs when one experiences a loss.  Losses include the death of spouse, children, family members, friends and pets, one’s own declining health, end of relationships, end of employment or change of jobs, destruction or loss of home and even loss of dreams or personal goals.  Loss is an inevitable part of life; the journey through loss and its accompanying grief requires patience and time for healing. 

There are several myths about grief that often complicate the healing journey. When it comes to the loss of a loved one, one commonly held myth is that grief should last about a year. This is untrue as each grief journey is unique for each mourner. Some people may find that they are well on the road to re-entering life after 6-7 month, while others may still be strongly grieving after a year. Important points to remember on either end of the spectrum are that one most go through grief to heal; ignoring the grief and rushing back into life only create problems that will have to be addressed at a later time. On the other end of the spectrum, grief that is not abated after many months is not healthy. Grief can turn into depression that requires medical help. For more information about the myths of grief, visit

If you are mourning a loss and would like to attend a grief support group or find some available grief support resources, please click here a list of grief support resources.  For more information about grief support resources, contact parishioner Evelyn Sanchez at 602-882-5197.