Home Safety Checklist

04-15-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

Are you facing the reality that your care receiver’s home environment may be unsafe for him/her? Are you unsure of what can be done to improve the home environment or don’t know how to seek assistance in making modifications? If this is your situation, then you may want to check out the FSL (Foundation for Senior Living) Caregiver House which now offers equipment and adaptive aids for purchase. Their new service also includes delivery, set-up and installation of purchased items. If you are not sure of what you need, you can take a tour of the Caregiver House to see a variety of specialized equipment and even receive hands-on training in how to help your loved one use the equipment.

For more information or to set up an appointment, call FSL at 602-297-1856. You can also visit the FSL website at www.fsl.org.

Elder Resource Guide

04-08-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

The caregiving journey can become overwhelming for new caregivers when they realize just how much needs to be done for their loved ones especially when they do not live with their care receivers. How do I find out which health insurance/Medicare benefits my loved one is eligible to receive? How do I arrange for my loved one to receive home-delivered meals? How do I find a caregiver to help my loved one with bathing and dressing? How do I arrange for my loved one to get to doctor appointments?


Caregiver's Emergency Card

04-01-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

So you are a caregiver, and you know that you are a caregiver. However, does anyone else know it? What would happen if you were hospitalized for a serious situation and could not communicate? Who would be there to look after your care receiver? Who would know?

While this may be a hypothetical situation, it can easily become reality. Your loved one could be left stranded without any caregiving support if something were to happen to you. This unfortunate situation can be avoided with a very simple and quick solution. Carry a Caregiver's Emergency Card with you at all times. This card will alert emergency personnel that you are a caregiver and will provide the name, address and phone number of your loved one. You can fashion a card for your wallet or you can purchase a set of 10 for $2.00 from the website for caregiver forms. Go to www.caregiverforms.net/2011/06/caregiver-cards.html.

Frustration in Caregiving

03-25-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

Taking care of someone is not an easy task. Caregiving can be very demanding and stressful. It is not uncommon for caregivers to experience frustration with their loved ones and the entire caregiving situation. How do you know when frustration is building up within you? According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, some of the warning signs include headaches, chest pains, shortness of breath, stomach cramps, compulsive eating, excessive consumption of alcohol, and impatience. If you find yourself becoming frustrated while performing your caregiving duties, there are several things you can do to reduce the frustration.


Caregiver Respite Program

03-18-2018On the Caregiving Journey…
  • When was the last time you checked your compassion capacity?
  • Do you know how much compassion you have left within you to help you be a loving caregiver?
  • Are you currently experiencing any of these on a regular, frequent basis: irritability, resentment, anger, depression, annoyance, exhaustion, frustration, sarcasm, pessimism, apathy, being overwhelmed?

Tips for Long Distance Caregivers

03-04-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

Many of the nearly 60 million caregivers in our country are long-distance caregivers who try to help their loved ones from many miles away. This is a very difficult caregiving journey due to the lack of proximity. If this is your situation, you may be wondering what resources are available to help you be most effective. One excellent resource is the web site for the National Institute on Aging with the U.S. Department of Human and Health Services. This website includes a section on caregiving and specifically on how to be a long-distance caregiver.