Prepare to Care: Planning Guide for Families

10-14-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

You, like many other people, may have just learned that your loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic, serious and/or terminal health condition. As the significance of this situation sinks in, you may have also realized that you are now becoming a caregiver possibly facing a long journey. You may be asking yourself, "Where do I start?"

One good place to start is to visit the American Heart Association website at caregiver-support/caregivers-be-realistic-think-positive. There "Where do I start?" you will find an excellent article, "Caregivers: Be Realistic. Think Positive." The article states that you can't control the fact that your loved one has a debilitating health condition. However, you can control how your response. Several tips are provided including having self-confidence in your new role as caregiver through positive thinking, listening to what your body is telling you as you begin your role as caregiver, owning your feelings instead of denying or suppressing them and recognizing your limitations and asking for assistance. The article suggests you approach a long-term caregiving situation like a runner running in a marathon, pacing yourself and taking care of yourself along the way. Check out the website for more ideas on how to start this journey and what to do for yourself.