Grief is a Journey

09-23-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

The journey through grief is just that – a journey that goes through and not around grief. The feelings that come with loss can be so intense that people prefer to do anything to get past the pain of grief. This means that mourners will suppress their feelings, burying them deep within and pretend that everything is just fine. Actually, this is the worst way to proceed after a loved one has died. There is no way to get around grief as the grief will stay and fester until the mourner does something about it.

Unfortunately, if grief is allowed to fester, the result will be even more painful and require an even greater effort to overcome. Losing a loved one can make life seem unbearable and impossible to continue. The best way to begin the journey is to focus on the next step, taking one step at a time. It is not unusual for mourners to think in terms of just getting through the next 15 or 30 minutes. Focusing on the end of the journey can make the journey seem endless which can lead to the desire to go around grief instead of going through it. Fortunately, support is available in the form of support groups either in-person or online. Those who have already taken or are currently taking the journey can provide great support to those just embarking upon the journey. No one needs to travel the journey of grief alone.