08-12-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

Grieving is a time of experiencing a variety of emotions as one learns to live without the deceased loved one. For months, a mourner may experience sadness, loneliness, remorse, guilt, fear, anxiety, depression and other emotions in addition to having less energy, wanting to sleep a lot or not being able to sleep at all. The world may feel like a deep, dark cave void of life. Fortunately, as time passes, little rays of light and hope begin to penetrate the darkness and the world is no longer such a forbidding place.

Unfortunately, many mourners believe the grief myth that laughing, smiling, and enjoying life again is a sign they've forgotten and forsaken their deceased loved ones. This can lead to heavy-duty guilt that keeps mourners attached to their pain of loss unable to move on with their lives. Anyone experiencing grief at a deep level for more than two years may benefit from working with a grief counselor.