Survey Results

02-26-2018Evangelization CampaignFr. Larry Merta

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ of Holy Cross,

I can't thank you enough for the invaluable input provided through your planning study surveys. Your responses helped me prayerfully discern the best course to take to continue planning ahead.

We have identified our greatest needs at Holy Cross: firstly, we need to take care of our deteriorating roof and secondly, we need to support the Bishop's Evangelization Campaign; Together Let Us Go Forth. The planning study results demonstrated that we have the potential to meet these two goals.



02-25-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

During my Christmas break in Ouray, Colorado, I got lucky to snap a few shots of an ice climber. His partner was 60 feet above coaching him onward to the top. Proper gear, fitness, skill and a no little amount of determination will get the adventure seekers to where they want to go. Stills like this one speak to me again and again of our efforts to cooperate with grace and let God help us up the mountain called Divine Union where we can be closer to His gaze and understanding of things.


Area Agency on Aging

02-25-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

Have you recently moved into the role of a caregiver for a senior and don't know where to start accessing resources? There are many resources available in our community that can assist caregivers with their tasks of caring for seniors. One great place to start is with the Area Agency on Aging which maintains a 24-hour senior helpline. By calling the helpline number at 602-264-HELP (4357), you can talk with professionals who will link you to information and resources that best meet your needs. Or if you prefer, you can go the web site for the Area Agency on Aging ( and download the Area Agency's Elder Resource Guide from their "resources" page. This guide will provide you with a lot of information on community resources, internet links and telephone numbers. While the caregiving journey can seem daunting and overwhelming, locating resources and helpful organizations can make a big difference.

Making Decisions as a Caregiver

02-18-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

For many caregivers, there comes a point when they can no longer provide the amount and type of care that their loved ones need. At this point, decisions have to be made that will affect both the caregiver and the loved one. These decisions often have major financial implications.



02-18-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

Allow me to share one other picture taken at the Western Museum, and one that's loaded with suspense. American artist Richard Thomas produced this oil on canvas and named it In Trouble. There's no gore. How this scene unfolds is left to the imagination. Does he die? Does he escape? Is he rescued?



02-11-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

At Scottsdale's Museum of the West you'll find a life size bronze sculpture commemorating 'American Horse', a 19th century chieftain. He is remembered for his peaceful support of the American Government and worked with tribesman on behalf of the Government looking to establish peaceful accords and government sponsored educational opportunities wherever possible. American Horse went so far as to send his own children, the first from his tribe to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania. Who can't admire his openness of mind?


Danger! Scam Alert!

02-11-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

Would you recognize a fraudulent situation or scam pertaining to anything connected to caregiving? There are many ways for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of caregivers and care receivers. Sometimes scams are initiated by those right within the medical field. One frequent fraudulent situation is when a professional caregiver becomes very friendly and patronizing with a care receiver in an attempt to learn more about his/her finances. Sometimes, these individuals will create hardship stories and appeal to the care receivers to give them some assistance or a loan.


Avoiding Schemes & Scams

02-04-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

The caregiving journey can be very stressful as caregivers try to juggle all their caregiving responsibilities with their own personal needs. The journey can become even more stressful when unscrupulous individuals prey upon care receivers and even caregivers. Unfortunately, even within the caregiving world, numerous fraudulent schemes, scams and abuse occur. Sometimes the perpetrators are people working as professional caregivers. Do you know how to recognize sings of fraud, scams and abuse? Do you know who to contact in such situations? Do you know how to protect your loved one from being victimized?


How you live is how you die

02-04-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

A few months ago, I decided to drive home to see my parents rather than fly. There were certain landmarks I had been planning to see along the way—and one of them happened to be the grave site of Billy the Kid. Of course, I was surprised to learn that his tombstone was first stolen in 1950 and found 25 years later. It was stolen a second time in 1981 and recovered again within a few days. With that sort of history, it made sense to the local authorities to place the stone in shackles and the grave behind bars. Forgive the pun, but stealing a tombstone is always a grave matter.