Week of January 14

01-14-2018Evangelization CampaignFr. Larry Merta

Dear Parishioners,

We're conducting a planning study at Holy Cross Catholic Church. I trust that you all by now have received the detailed fact sheet about our proposed projects. As you spend time reviewing the plans, I would like to provide further information about the planning study.

Q. What is a planning study?

A. It is an assessment used to gauge support for a capital campaign to address some, or all, of the needs identified in the fact sheet. The study will tell us which projects parishioners deem to be most important and help guide our planning for a potential fundraising effort.

Q. Would you please explain this process?

A. The Steier Group, a development firm, is conducting the study. The goal is to collect data from participants answering questions such as: Is the parish in favor of a campaign? Who will serve as volunteers? How much support can we expect to raise if we conduct a campaign?

Q. Why are we doing this study and potentially starting a campaign?

A. Holy Cross leadership recently completed a comprehensive master plan to guide us through the upcoming years. This plan will assist us in addressing our current needs, as well as take prudent, thoughtful steps to prepare for future needs. The planning study will measure our ability to move forward to accomplish some, or all, of those projects.

Q. What do you expect of me?

A. Now, we ask only for your feedback and your prayers. Your input, participation and support will help us to make prudent decisions as we move forward.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact me at any time.

  • God Bless,
  • Fr. Larry Merta
  • Pastor