Thank You Veterans

05-28-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

In a Krakow’s main square I snapped this group of gentlemen: three live in the world and one lives in the memory of others. Who is the statue of? His name was Piotr Skrzynecki. He was 26 in 1956 when he organized a student actors club which became known for its satire of the political system in Poland of the 1970s. According to one media source Piotr’s aim wasn’t simply attack the political institution of the day for no other purpose. ‘For 41 years he and his cabaret persuaded us that, despite the system, we had come into this world for happiness and joy’.


Honor Thy Mother

05-21-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

I was digging through my odds and extras of the photo library and came across this photo that—in the month of May—seemed perfect to add to this week’s bulletin. Public expressions of faith are readily seen in Poland and presently the young people especially have no complexes about putting their faith on display. I think some of us would be startled to see a person at the bus stop praying a rosary. And I also think that not a few of us would ask, ‘How is my devotion to the Mother of God? I’m sure God readily uses such occasions to bring believers and non believers closer to Himself. I strongly encourage everyone in my parish to find a way each day to show some filial tenderness for our Heavenly Mother, whether it be praying one fervent ‘Hail Mary’ or kissing her image on your necklace. To do this is most pleasing to God, because it is very much in line with our duty to observe the Fourth Commandment: ‘Honor thy Mother’.

Your Pastor, Fr. Larry


Happy Mother's Day

05-14-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

To all the mothers of my parish, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! If you are alocal the beautiful stained glass of St. Mary’s Basilica is worth your visit and yourtime. You will find in this beautiful Basilica this window dedicated to the Queen ofthe World and it depicts Mary’s Blessed Coronation when She was crownedQueen and Heaven and Earth. The twelve stars around her head speak to us ofMary’s presence at Pentecost when She, reunited with the Apostles, stood fast inprayer over several days awaiting the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Notice the hands ofMary. The simple pose speaks eloquently of someone recollected and ready toreceive a message, a gift or some strength. The most beautiful things come ourway when our prayer is humble and sincere.


Brave the Storm

05-07-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

Fort Union in Northern New Mexico was abandoned to the elements in 1891. The Monsoons come earlier in those parts and I was blessed to have a sky to shoot like no other. You might be surprised to know that Confederate and Union armies had a showdown not too far from these prairie lands.

I am thankful that our country has enjoyed political and societal reintegration since the Civil War when American fought American on these prairies. The nature of today's battle is quite different.