Vocation Prayers

09-24-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

Here's a photo capturing the highlight of summer: Fr. Danny Cruz's reception after his ordination mass. He is the second vocation to come from Holy Cross. Many of you will remember Fr. Dan Vanyo as the first. Please pray for another vocation from our parish. At the beginning of our Sunday masses our community prays the prayer for vocations. Is there someone specific in your mind when you pray this prayer? Perhaps this personalization of our prayer will better move the heart of God. Pray with your heart. Pray from your deep desire. We need more priests. By the way, the JC/DC Band (Jaime Cortez/Daniel Cruz) is a wonderfully beautiful liturgical combo.

  • Your Pastor,
  • Fr. Larry

Upcoming FSL Events

09-24-2017On the Caregiving Journey…

Mark your calendar for some special events coming soon! On Sat, Nov 4, FSL (formerly Foundation for Senior Living) will be holding its 3rd Annual Family Caregiver Open House from 8:30am-3:00pm at the FSL Caregiver House, 1201 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix 85014. At this come-and-go-as-you-please event, you will be able to learn about caregiving resources and self-care for caregivers, receive caregiving tips, and watch some healthy cooking demos. You are even welcome to bring your care receivers with you. They will be provided with free respite care under the supervision of professional caregivers while you attend the seminars.


Is your care receiver a veteran?

09-17-2017On the Caregiving Journey…

Is your care receiver a veteran? If so, are you aware that the Veterans Administration offers a number of programs to support family caregivers taking care of their loved ones who are veterans? The programs are designed to provide support and help for the veteran and for the family caregiver both in the home and out of the home. The VA has trained professionals who can talk with you and help you determine which programs and services would be the best fit for your specific situation.


Mission Statement

09-17-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

I am profoundly grateful to Fr. Felt for the foresight he had in fostering a multi-cultural aware parish. In fact, by the time I got to Holy Cross, I didn't perceive any animosity from our diversity. For that reason I thought it was time to revisit our mission statement and speak to our new situation. I didn't want to do this alone. So, with the help of our Parish Council and Ministry Leaders we came together as a Parish Synod to reflect once again on our needs as a parish. Last May 13th, on the 100th anniversary of our Lady of Fatima's appearance in Portugal we entrusted our reflections to her and the fruit of that reflection is now woven into our new mission statement on the cover page of this bulletin. The statement has two parts: firstly, what is at the Center of our Catholic identity and secondly, because of that identity how should we engage the outside world with it. Note the missionary impetus that's there. Even before we took action to think deeply about the missionary status inherent to our Baptism, there were a number of parishioners already beginning new activities of outreach to those outside our Parish Community. I think we are heading in a very good direction.

  • Your Pastor,
  • Fr. Larry

Kids on a Natural Bridge

09-10-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

There's not too much one can do in the open air of Mesa on a sunny day in July. Someone had a brilliant idea to take our young people north of Payson to hang out at the Tonto Bridge Natural Park. As soon as we got there, we celebrated mass together where, as I can remember, everyone went up for communion with Jesus—and that really set the tone for the entire outing. Not once did I have to get after any of the kids. They were all well behaved… and I believe the effects of Holy Mass extend well beyond just a few minutes after Holy Communion. God gave me another confirmation that the power of the Eucharistic Celebration can transform our entire day.

  • Your Pastor,
  • Fr. Larry

Taking Care of the Caregiver

09-10-2017On the Caregiving Journey…

As one of the 65 million family caregivers in our country, you are on a busy, often stressful, time-demanding journey. Research has shown that one of the best ways for caregivers to take care of themselves is to join a caregiver support group and attend meetings regularly. While this is ideal, it is not often practical as many caregivers are unable to get away from their duties and responsibilities to attend meetings. Now it is possible to use an app to connect with other caregivers who are experiencing very similar caregiving situations. The app is called CINC – Caregivers in the Community. This free, mobile app is offered through AARP's Care Connection which is part of the AARP caregiving community.


Kino Gratuates

09-03-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

The Diocese of Phoenix sponsors a two-year program in theological studies for laity who want to go deeper in their studies of the faith. Each year in June students turn out for Graduation. I am happy to report that our liturgical coordinator Chris Haubrock and Benny and Jessica Morel completed their studies and dutifully graduated. Pastors find a real blessing in their faithful who've gone through Kino. It's this sort of preparation that helps solidify the appreciation and clarity of the Catholic Teaching and graduates have gone on to serve their faith communities in many different ways. Should you cross paths with Chris, Benny or Jessica, ask them about their experience and Kino and what it takes to get through this type of education.

  • Your Pastor,
  • Fr. Larry

Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

09-03-2017On the Caregiving Journey…

One of the greatest concerns for older/ill people is falling down. Caregivers often have to deal with the after-effects of their loved ones falling. Last week we looked at four ways to help prevent falls through encouraging regular exercise, medication mindfulness, visual health checks and safe home environment. According to Health in Aging.org, many older people suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis which is thinning and weakening of bones. With this health condition, people can easily break their bones when they fall. However, it is also possible that the reverse can occur. People with weakened bones occasionally fall after a bone has broken. How does a caregiver know if his/her care receiver has osteopenia or osteoporosis? Warning signs include stooped posture and loss of height. If these signs are present, the caregiver should discuss the issue with the care receiver's physician.

For more information on what caregivers can do to help a care receiver with osteopenia or osteoporosis, check out the website for Health in Aging at the following link: www.healthinaging.org/resources/ resource:eldercare-at-home-boneweakness/.

Four Ways to Prevent Falling

08-27-2017On the Caregiving Journey…

One of the greatest concerns for older/ill people and their caregivers is falling down. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every four adults 65 and over falls each year and more than 2.8 million receive treatment for fall-related injuries in emergency departments. Half of all falls occur in the home. The most common type of fall is falling sideways. To keep your loved one upright and safe at home, implement these four preventions:

REGULAR EXERCISE – make sure your loved one is moving around and exercising to keep legs strong;


Start your Caregiving Journey

08-20-2017On the Caregiving Journey…

Are you a new caregiver looking for information to help you get started on your caregiving journey? Are you a veteran caregiver interested in discovering additional community resources to support you and your care receiver? If you answer yes to one of these questions, then you many want to take advantage of an opportunity offered by AARP that may meet your needs.

On Thu, Aug 24 from 6:00-8:00pm, AARP is offering CAREversations – a free and fun event for family caregivers – at the Apache Junction Multi-Generational Center in classroom B117. The Center is located at 1035 N. Idaho Road in Apache Junction. During this event, attendees will learn about five key steps for the caregiving journey, connect with other caregivers to exchange tips and ideas and will explore local community caregiving resources.


The Benefits of Caregiving

08-13-2017On the Caregiving Journey…

While caregiving can be very stressful, caregiving can also be very rewarding. There are many positive benefits that can result from taking care of a loved one. Caregiving can be viewed as an opportunity to give back and take care of someone who once cared for them. This is often the case between children and parents, grandchildren and grandparents, and spouses. Many people become caregivers to continue an established tradition of caring for family members while providing a model for younger family members who may one day take care of them. At the same time, caregivers often receive a sense of satisfaction knowing that their loved ones can continue to live at home while receiving personal and excellent care from them. Many caregivers state that caregiving provides a sense of purpose and meaning in life. Research has shown that caregivers who view their caregiving as a positive experience report lower levels of depression than those who view caregiving negatively (Halley, et al, 2003).

For more information regarding the benefits of caregiving, visit the American Psychological Association website at www.apa.org/pi/about/publications/ caregivers/faq/positive-aspects.aspx.

Thank You Veterans

05-28-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

In a Krakow’s main square I snapped this group of gentlemen: three live in the world and one lives in the memory of others. Who is the statue of? His name was Piotr Skrzynecki. He was 26 in 1956 when he organized a student actors club which became known for its satire of the political system in Poland of the 1970s. According to one media source Piotr’s aim wasn’t simply attack the political institution of the day for no other purpose. ‘For 41 years he and his cabaret persuaded us that, despite the system, we had come into this world for happiness and joy’.


Honor Thy Mother

05-21-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

I was digging through my odds and extras of the photo library and came across this photo that—in the month of May—seemed perfect to add to this week’s bulletin. Public expressions of faith are readily seen in Poland and presently the young people especially have no complexes about putting their faith on display. I think some of us would be startled to see a person at the bus stop praying a rosary. And I also think that not a few of us would ask, ‘How is my devotion to the Mother of God? I’m sure God readily uses such occasions to bring believers and non believers closer to Himself. I strongly encourage everyone in my parish to find a way each day to show some filial tenderness for our Heavenly Mother, whether it be praying one fervent ‘Hail Mary’ or kissing her image on your necklace. To do this is most pleasing to God, because it is very much in line with our duty to observe the Fourth Commandment: ‘Honor thy Mother’.

Your Pastor, Fr. Larry


Happy Mother's Day

05-14-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

To all the mothers of my parish, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! If you are alocal the beautiful stained glass of St. Mary’s Basilica is worth your visit and yourtime. You will find in this beautiful Basilica this window dedicated to the Queen ofthe World and it depicts Mary’s Blessed Coronation when She was crownedQueen and Heaven and Earth. The twelve stars around her head speak to us ofMary’s presence at Pentecost when She, reunited with the Apostles, stood fast inprayer over several days awaiting the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Notice the hands ofMary. The simple pose speaks eloquently of someone recollected and ready toreceive a message, a gift or some strength. The most beautiful things come ourway when our prayer is humble and sincere.


Brave the Storm

05-07-2017The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

Fort Union in Northern New Mexico was abandoned to the elements in 1891. The Monsoons come earlier in those parts and I was blessed to have a sky to shoot like no other. You might be surprised to know that Confederate and Union armies had a showdown not too far from these prairie lands.

I am thankful that our country has enjoyed political and societal reintegration since the Civil War when American fought American on these prairies. The nature of today's battle is quite different.