Virtual Support Groups

12-09-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

Are you feeling the stress of helping someone take care of him/herself? Are you experiencing a roller coaster of emotions that actually surprise you? Perhaps you are experiencing frustration, resentment, guilt, and anger at your loved one for making demands on your time. These feelings are normal when you take care of another person whether or not you call yourself a caregiver. How does one get off the roller coaster? One of the best ways is to attend a support group that allows you to interact with your peers – others who are taking care of their loved ones and experiencing many of the same emotions.


Journeying through Grief during the Holidays

12-02-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

The holidays are a time of family celebrations steeped in tradition. However, for those who are grieving, holidays can be very stressful. The issue is how to get through the holidays with the least amount of stress. With the use of a few tips, this can be possible. The Palliative Care Organization of Australia has developed a list of eleven tips to help those who are grieving.


Helpful Holiday Hints for Caregivers

11-25-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

The holidays can be very stressful for everyone including caregivers and care receivers. The Caregiver Alliance provides tips on how to handle holiday preparations and reduce stress. The following are some of their tips:

  • Include your loved one in some of the preparations focusing on his/her strengths.
  • When decorating, try to keep the clutter to a minimum to decrease confusion.

A Great Resourse can be the Caregiver's Insurance Company

11-11-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

One resource for caregivers that is often overlooked is the care receiver's health care insurance provider. Most of the major health insurance companies provide a variety of resources that can be accessed by caregivers.

  • Need some helpful advice and decision-making support as you care for your loved one?
  • Looking for a registered nurse to conduct an in-person health overview of your loved one?
  • Need someone to assess the safety of your loved one's living arrangements?
  • Looking for a calendar tool to manage your loved one's support and care?
  • Need some help in finding and arranging for community-based programs and services to support your loved one?

The Grief Journey

11-04-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

No two grief journeys are alike; all grief journeys are different. Two individuals grieving the same person, such as a wife grieving the loss of her husband and a daughter grieving the loss of her father (same person), will often experience entirely different journeys based upon their own relationships with the deceased. In addition, a person who has grieved the loss of two or more loved ones will find that each journey was different from the others again based upon each unique relationship. It is not unusual for a person to grieve the loss of one loved one more than the loss of another. It is important to remember this point – that all grief journeys are different – and not make comparisons as a person might think something is wrong because his/her journey is longer or shorter, more stressful or less stressful, or more complicated or less complicated than another person’s journey or the journey traveled for a previous loss. Each journey through grief is as unique as the person who is experiencing it.

Prepare to Care: Planning Guide for Families

10-14-2018On the Caregiving Journey…

You, like many other people, may have just learned that your loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic, serious and/or terminal health condition. As the significance of this situation sinks in, you may have also realized that you are now becoming a caregiver possibly facing a long journey. You may be asking yourself, "Where do I start?"