Parish Family

10-21-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

I got to know a little more the youngest members of my Parish Family during the Youth Hike to the Dells in Prescott last June. My discovery: the mind is youthful the body is not. They were frolicking the hilltops like newborn calves, running circles around me, getting acquainted with the rapid and heavy breathing of a 50-year-old.


Peaceful Surroundings

10-14-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

Before taking a few days of rest away from Arizona I noticed that my reading habits were not where they should be. I read things more like one has enough time to read headlines. Comprehension and retention were more difficult. So, I decided to go to an easy and pleasant read to help foster the love for reading I once had. I took with me on vacation Fr. Walter Ciszek's With God in Russia. It is his account of spending 23 years in Soviet prisons and labor camps located in one of the harshest climates on earth— Siberia. This Pennsylvania born Jesuit priest came back to the States in a spy swap in 1962.



10-07-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

Here's another image from Gastown, Vancouver. Bagpipes have been around since the time of the ancient Romans but most Americans are familiar with the Scottish Highland Bagpipes. They were considered in Scottish Culture instruments of war, heard as far as 10 miles away, and there was a time when they were even outlawed. On this day, one downtown pub, the Blarney Stone of Vancouver, touted better food, better music and better beer. And to prove the point Mr. Celt walked down food alley to state it with his blarin' pipes. So goes the battle of the restaurants and the world of business.


Church Bells

09-30-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

Years ago, when I lived for a time in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, I had the opportunity to visit little towns of the periphery of the capitol city and, together with a few high school and college students, we offered our spiritual and material assistance to the poor communities. Some of these villages were so remote that the parish priest was lucky to make a pastoral visit once, maybe twice a year. Each little village has its own little church or chapel, and some villages were so poor that there was no bell to summon worshippers. Instead, they lit bottle rockets. Less than ideal but still effective in getting people up to look out their doorways.


Spiritual Conversations

09-23-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

In Gastown, British Columbia there’s a famous brewery called SteamWorks. Customers can find their way to the basement for a view of the Bay in one direction and a view of the Distillery in the other. Yes, I tried the local brew, and yes, it was quite delicious, a refreshing stop after a lengthy session of street photography in Gastown.



09-16-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

Last May, by the grace of God, I got to attend a five-day spiritual retreat in Boyton Beach, Florida. The humidity was tolerable thanks to cooler than normal temperatures for the areas. It drizzled most days and after a long day of conferences and chapel prayer time I was able to walk the grounds of a very beautiful place in quiet meditation praying the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. During the same month in Mesa, it's still too warm in the early evening so I choose to pray them early morning.



09-09-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

I got the bug to revisit a Fourth of July Fireworks Show, but rather than go to Mill Avenue Bridge Show in Tempe, I ventured to Chandler and got as close to the fireworks as the perimeter would allow. One image captured looked like an electric palm tree. So here you go! My Fourth of July Palm.

The annual celebrations were marked by rock music, an announcement for lost and found and peddlers displaying their colorful trinkets to the children nearby. I felt that the real celebrations took place earlier that morning with Mass celebrated at Holy Cross thanking God for the gifts of our religious freedom and our right to public worship. America is still great because those two elements are still lived out side by side in this great country of ours.



09-02-2018The World in View from a Believer’s PerspectiveFr. Larry Merta

Now I am back after a long and restful summer to take up again one of my loves—sharing the beauty of God's creation through the lens. The purpose of my photography is to get away from the rectory and rest outdoors where I prefer to be during my times of leisure, and I've had another good summer as far as picture taking goes: This first image comes from our youth hike last June to Watson Lake in Prescott where 56 of our parishioners (most of them minors) took a hike to a gorgeous lake. I had my scouts pictured here go ahead on the lookout for snakes to keep the rest of the group safe.