Parish Life

Holy Cross invites you to take an active role in the life of our parish. Our parish life includes opportunities for spiritual enrichment, social activities and services.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we seek to live out our faith in concrete ways. We believe that God can use our prayers, words, and actions to continue the work of Jesus, and so make a difference for others and for the world.

We are blessed by a tremendous diversity among our parishioners. We have a large age range from babies and school children to the retired and elderly. Ethnic communities bring a spiritual and cultural richness to our parish. We believe that no matter what age, culture or ethnicity we are brothers and sisters, together forming the Body of Christ.

Listed below are some the many ways we try to live out our faith here at Holy Cross parish. You are invited to learn more about these ministries which, thanks to the Holy Spirit, are flourishing at Holy Cross. We encourage you to offer your gifts and talents to the Lord in this holy work!

Parish Groups / Organizations and Outreach

For additional information please contact the parish office at 480-981-2021.